Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mythbusted and Diet tips

So the most important and probably hardest part of getting fit(both putting weight on and/or taking it off) is DIET, so id like 2 clear some things up for your guys b4 we get to into it.

"Eat every 2-3 hours to burn more fat!" or "Your body needs a constant supply of protein to keep it building muscle."

This is total bs as far as i have seen personally and research wise.
This study compared 5 meals a day to 2 meals a day, both with the same total caloric intake. The conclusion of this study came to be: "With the method used for determination of DIT no significant effect of meal frequency on the contribution of DIT to ADMR could be demonstrated."

2. Protein and workouts
"You have to have your protein shake at the gym after your workout" "15min window" ect.

The reality is, the anabolic window does exist, but it's much, much longer. It is around 24h long. This is plenty of time for you to get your hands on protein.
Go home eat some steak or chicken breast with some veggies and feel GOOOOOOD!

3. If I eat carbs before bed, they will get stored as fat?
No. If your energy intake=energy burned, then you will store no fat in a 24h period. Our bodies still work at night.

Here is a study where participants ate carbohydrates mainly at dinner.

4. Isn't sugar is bad for you?
All carbs eventually get broken down into sugars but be sensible to much anything is still to much.

5.What about saturated fats?
I may make a blog post about this later because its way 2 long to fit in this one but here are some good reads on the subject

Now some basic tips

1. What is a good meal to eat when you first wake up?
What you feel like.
But you don't have to eat when you first get up.

2. What is a good pre-workout meal
What you feel like.
But you don't have to eat pre workout.

3.What should a good post-workout meal comprise of
What you feel like.
But you don't have to eat post workout.

4. Good meal before bed (other than caesin)
What you feel like.
But you don't have to eat pre bed.

5. Should you eat no carbs after a certain time?
No. Eat them when you feel like.

6. How much water should i be drinking?

Now i could go on all day about this but i think ill leave it hear for today, I will go into macros and  BMR stuff at a later date :)


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