Thursday, 19 April 2012


Multivitamins have many benefits that we do not receive on a daily basis. It is said that Americans usually do not eat enough fruits & vegetables to cover the whole body with the vitamins & minerals needed. That is coming from the FDA themselves. They can be found at your nearest vitamin shop if you feel like they will be beneficial for you. I have personally used various types of vitamins & they have always made me feel better than I have before I took them. It is usually recommended to get all vitamins in one capsule as the b-vitamin complex works more efficiently. Too much of a good thing is not what were going for either, as it can cause muscle weakness & stomach bleeding. Now for the benefits! It can be something very beneficial in a dieters journey to weight loss. More energy is felt through out the day. There is far less chance of getting sick since the immune system is strengthened with the vitamins. The benefits definitely out weight the negatives so why not start taking them? They are cheep as anything and great for you :)


  1. hmm might have to start taking them as I usual feel like I've got no energy

  2. Multi-vitamins are the way to go! Unles you feel like stocking up on V8 and fresh veggies, a guaranteed way to keep your immune system and everything else in tip top shape is to make sure you are getting a multivitamin. pro-tip: take half of a multivitamin if you havent eaten anything to avoid an upset stomach.